• As your Risk Management Consultant, we examine your organization's insurance and risk management programs and make recommendations regarding coverage improvements, administration, loss control and financing information.


  • As your Risk Management Consultant, we examine your organization to identify and quantify what it does, what it stands to lose in case of loss, and what is needed to protect its assets and earnings.
  • Our services might start as an insurance overview, a direction finder - a service designed for clients who may not need a full audit, are uncertain about their consulting needs and wish an independent overview of their program before proceeding with a material change or commissioning a major consulting assignment. 
  • We perform a limited examination of in-place programs in order to be prepared to discuss identified issues, potential problems and explore possible solutions with a client.


  • As your Risk Management Consultant, the development of written specifications to facilitate an orderly request for uniform, competitive proposals from insurance agents, brokers, insurers and other vendors. Our services include:
    1. Identification of risks
    2. Design of the proposal specifications
    3. Analysis of proposals received
    4. Recommendation of the best qualified proposal
    5. Assistance with the implementation of new programs


  • Services provided in this area include:
    1. Insurance forms, policy research and archival studies,
    2. Interpretation of insurance coverages and explanation of industry conventions in arbitration and court proceedings. Resources include an extensive reference library and relationships with the nation's leading authorities.
    3. Depositions and testimony in various cases.


  • As your Risk Management Consultant, we develop specifications for marketing an insurance program and risk-related services. Then we manage the marketing process, evaluate proposals, and make recommendations on program selection and service providers.


  • As your Risk Management Consultant, an independent investigation and assessment of the in-place risk management programs. The topics considered in the analysis include:
    1. Identification of risks
    2. Interview of appropriate managers and staff
    3. Tour of facilities
    4. Analysis of financial statements as indicators of risk
    5. Review of agreements, contracts and leases
    6. Evaluation of current insurance policies and self-insurance documents
    7. Review of the current loss control program
  • As your Risk Management Consultant, a written report will be provided to management detailing our findings and recommendations. In addition we will furnish assistance in the implementation of our recommendations.


  • The rapid increase in Worker's Compensation premium costs to employers has generated an unusual amount of activity in this area.  The Compass Company has been retained to provide assistance to individual firms, associations, and groups of employers interested in reducing their costs through a variety of possible solutions. Our activities have included:
    1. Self-Insurance as an Alternative
    2. Alternative Market Feasibility Studies
    3. Use of Captive Insurance Companies
    4. Loss Control Programs
    5. Safety Group Programs
    6. Evaluation of Alternatives
    7. Establishing Cost-Effective Programs



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